Discovering Your Life's Meaning & Purpose (Bundle)

Discovering Your Life's Meaning & Purpose (Bundle)

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Understanding and implementing your life's purpose and meaning will attract everything you need and desire in life.  If you are willing to do the work to discover the purpose of our life, this bundle is for you.  You get:
  • Discovering Your Lifes Purpose (29-page ebook)
  • Finding Your Life Purpose (20-page ebook)

You'll also receive the following downloadable worksheets:

  • Experience The Joy Of Living On Purpose With A Life Mission Statement 
  • 15 Questions To Ask Yourself To Discover Your True Passions
  • What Is The Meaning Of Life A Guide To Discovering Your Purpose
  • New Ideas For Discovering Your Lifes Purpose
  • How To Discover Purpose In Your Life And Avoid Boredom
  • Design The Life You Desire With A Life Plan
  • 7 Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose
  • Create A Vision For Your Life Today
  • How Regular People Find Their Purpose

You would expect to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for these resources. Dr. Watkins makes it affordable to you because it changed his life!